Brexit and UK Food Security – Day 24th November 2017

About the talk:

The outcome of the Brexit Referendum has thrown UK food, agricultural and environmental policies into disarray. The UK government departments with responsibilities for food, agricultural and environmental policies, DEFRA, the Food Standards Agency and the Department of Health, do not yet know the direction in which the government will want them to go, nor do they know how they will navigate in that direction once it has eventually been chosen. This presentation will review five key aspects of UK food security, and outline some of the ways in which each of those aspects could be undermined by a ‘hard’ Brexit, ie one in which the UK is outside both the EU’s Single Market and Customs Union. It will conclude by offering an altogether more optimistic alternative.

About Erik Millstone:

Erik Millstone is a Professor of Science Policy at the University of Sussex. His first degree was in Physics, followed by three in Philosophy. Since 1974 he has been researching into the causes, consequences and regulation of technological change in the food and chemical industries. His research focus has extended over food additives, pesticides and veterinary medicines, as well as BSE, GM foods and obesity. Since 1988 he has been researching the role of scientific experts, evidence and advice in public policy-making. Having conducted comparative studies of food safety policy-making regimes across numerous jurisdictions, he contributed to articulating proposals for the creation of the UK’s Food Standards Agency, and led a study for the European Parliament reviewing the proposal to create the European Food Safety Authority.
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The venue:
The Elephant And Castle
White Hill

They are £3 and you can purchase them on the door or about a week before in the venue. Please note that the capacity of the venue is limited, we recommend to buy the ticket in advance to avoid disappointment.

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