Friday, 20th October: How can the United Kingdom be turned into the United Republic?

The subject
How can the United Kingdom be turned into the United Republic?  In principle that is a simple question to answer, but in practice it is a big task – although somewhat easier now than it has appeared to be for most of our lives.  Bearing in mind that republicanism has become a near-universal form of government, this talk will consider the political mechanisms of the change as well as the possible pitfalls, placing the making of a British republic in its historical context and in comparison with other countries – especially in Europe.
The speaker
Tom Lines is a resident of Brighton and a member of Republic as well as the Green Party.  He joined the party long before Republic but has been a republican since long before that.  He was involved in establishing Republic’s local group earlier this year and in May he took part in the national protest against the coronation.  If arrangements had gone exactly as planned, he should probably have been arrested there at the same time as several members of Republic’s staff.
Photo of Tom Lines

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