Flatpack Democracy 19th May 2017

Peter worked first as a gardener, then in social justice with disabled people then a range of climate and environmental groups and projects. His time now is spent furthering the wellbeing of Frome alongside roles in overseas development, as an author, funeral director and grandfather.

Peter helped create Independents for Frome in 2011 – a non party group that has run the council since that time. As they developed radical new ways to run local democracy he has served as both Mayor and Leader of the council. Peter wrote up the initial story in ‘Flatpack Democracy’ which has led to a range of replications and variants on Frome’s model in the UK and considerable interest from abroad. He will briefly describe this journey and share views on the UK’s dysfunctional ‘democracy’ alongside possible ways out of the mire.



The venue:
The Elephant And Castle
White Hill

They are £3 and you can purchase them on the door or about a week before in the venue. Please note that the capacity of the venue is limited, we recommend to buy the ticket in advance to avoid disappointment.

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